It's four days until the release of Four Corners! Holy cow is there a lot of stuff to get together for a book release. I am hosting an online launch along with a number of fellow YA authors on May 30th (information can be found through the facebook link in the upper right corners) and a book signing on June 6th in Winter Park, FL. Links have also been added for where to purchase. While you might not be able to go in a store (yet) to buy it, I do encourage you to ask your local bookstore to carry it. Word of mouth is very powerful! I'd also love it you could write a review on amazon after you finish it. Everyone who writes a review by June 30th (doesn't matter the star level, honestly! I know every book is not for every person) will be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

Work on books two and three have ground to a halt for the time being, but I'm trying not to stress too much. I've gotten some edits back from two of my Beta readers, so I have a few areas to work on and beef the story up a bit. I ended up cutting a few things from the third book and adding it to the second, I think it will help the story better on the front end.

Book three has taken a bit of a turn from where I was expecting it to go, but I am excited to see where that will be. I am a little nostalgic writing this one knowing it will be the last time I will be with these characters in this kind of way. I know the editing process will have them floating around my head for a few more years, but at this point the story is still in their hands. They are still the ones dictating where it will go.
Pretty soon I will have to say good-bye to them. While I don't want to write a forth book with them all, I see the draw for writers to have open-ended series.

But for now, I am just enjoying what time I do have with them. I am looking forward to letting you all have a glimpse inside my head and experience what I've gotten to these last few years.
It's been a crazy journey so far, so hop in, and hang on!