After years being a chronic renter and mover (in the last 10 years I've lived in 10 different places, not fun especially since I am one who hates moving and change), I am finally a home owner :) It is a strange feeling walking into a house and having it be “yours”. It hasn't really hit yet, probably because I've been spending most of my time cursing while removing wallpaper and cleaning carpets, but I think it will really sink in once we are officially moved in next week.

The house has also been taking up a lot of my time, which I think I've established (see past blogs) is basically non-existent. So really that means that I haven’t been running or writing much lately. I've also taken on some volunteer tasks with the Florida Writers Association, so all in all, I've been spreading myself a little thinner than normal. I can't wait to finally be moved so at least that will be one less thing to have to worry about.

I've also moved up a bit in the world, as I am writing this on my brand spanking new computer. After agonizing for much longer than one should have to agonize over purchasing a new computer (see above, the fact that I hate change), I finally bite the bullet and got a new desktop. My old one was over 8 years old and I'm pretty sure computer years are measured similar to dog years. While it worked perfectly as a word processor, if I happened to ask it to do two things at once, it basically threatened to explode (some days I sympathize). It was becoming increasingly difficult to write any more as I use the internet quite frequently to research and also to simply update the various social media's I am on.

So here I am, acting like almost a full-fledged grown up; buying things I need to further myself and trying to let go of those new-territory reservations I find difficult to shed.

This new computer is also really make me want to write more, which is awesome, though I hope the motivation will stay til next week when I have a bit more time. Which frankly I am kidding myself, as I know that something else will come up that will fight for my time as well. Maybe I need to work on saying no seeing as the whole making-more-hours-in-a-day experiment has so far yielded negative results.

But if there is one thing anyone has ever moved to a new place know to say yes to, is shopping, new computers and all. Almost makes it worth the change ;)

I just finished putting down the last words of the first draft of my Four Corners sequel, Two Worlds! I feel both elated and drained, usually a similar feeling that I get when I finish a race. Though it’s like I’ve run a marathon and then have to run back the way I came, and to it all over again, probably a few times.

I feel like I’ve gotten better at self-editing, but then that usually mean I create even more work for myself to do. I’m at around 60,000 words right now and expect to add about 5,000 or so more through the first few passes through to close loopholes and expand where needed. Then it’s off to begging my wonderful friends and family (take this as your official heads up wonderful friends and family) to give it a read through before I pass it along to an editor. I loved the one I found through a friend (never underestimate the power of your network!) for Four Corners and I hope she’s up to the task again. Then probably another round or two of edits until it’s hopefully read for someone to consider printing it. Though there is still a lot of work and some waiting until it gets to that point FC took close to 5 years in all, hopefully this will only be one or two.

Now I am left to debate what’s next.

I already started book three called One Earth and have been thinking about where I want the story to go, but I find myself being tugged harder and harder into another direction. Towards the end of Two Worlds, and before my mishap into trilogy-land, I began asking myself this very “what’s next” question. That got me thinking about the next series I want to do and quite frankly got me very excited about it. I’m planning on switching gears a bit to middle school fiction and to another interest of mine, history. I have the general story, character names, and a website already set up for it, I just need to figure out what my game plan is going to be.

Part of me feels like I should continue with FC and write the 3rd book immediately, and there are probably some pretty good arguments for that, namely it will probably be easier when I am already immersed in that world to keep going with it. But my brain is also half distracted with the potential of this other story. All the while Two Worlds is still going to be taking up quite a bit of my time.

Maybe instead of starting either one, I should take a break and figure out how to add more hours to the day or at the very least how to clone or double myself.

I’ll keep you posted on what avenue I decide to take…