I can't believe Four Corners has been out for almost three months! It has certainly been a whirlwind. When I started this process I set the very humble goal of selling over 100 copies. I figured I probably knew 100 people, so anything over that would mean that strangers have gotten their hands on my book. So far sales are at over 130! I know this is not best-seller-list caliber, but I am incredibly pleased that there are folks out there with no direct connection to me that have gotten my book.
I also decided to bite the bullet and send it out to a reviewing website. It is very nerve wracking putting yourself out there, but I couldn't be happier with the results! You can read the full review here, but to summarize, the reviewer LOVED it! I wasn't in the best place confidence wise with edits on book two, and it was the push I needed to believe in myself. It may sound silly, but something as little as an amazon review really does make a difference to a writer. Of course we love our characters, we think our stories are incredible, but to hear someone else feel the same way about something you created is a wonderful motivator to keep going. 
Along the same lines as editing, there were a few things that I noticed once Four Corners was published that needed changes. I am happy to say that a second edition of FC is now available! With a slightly new look to the cover. This update also means that FC can be carried in brick and mortar book stores! So feel free to request your local store to consider carrying it!
I am close to finishing edits for Two Worlds. Holy cow I forgot how intensive beginning edits can be! Just to give you an idea, I am on version 14 right now and it hasn't even been given to my publisher yet for their editors. I am hoping the more work I put in on my end will make it move through their process more quickly. I'd love it to be released around the same time FC was, or even a little earlier. As always, I will keep you all posted.
In the meantime, browse some new content on my webpage! I've added a character list, complete with phonetic pronunciations, and an events page where you can see upcoming places I'll be. Please stop by and say hi, because the only thing better than knowing that there are people out there reading my work, is actually meeting them!