So after a month of basically not writing or reading anything of my own (damn life getting in the way...), I decided I needed a bit of motivation. Luckily this revelation came just as November was starting. Why November? You may have seen some confusing hashtag usage scattered around social media the last week, #NaNoWriMo, known in writing circles as National Novel Writing Month.

It's an awesome month that encourages anyone who has a story to tell to start telling it. If you are interested in getting involved, its not too late! Information can be found at

The goal is to complete a novel (50,000 word count) by the end of November. I've been struggling with motivation on starting book three of Four Corners, so decided to make it the perfect excuse to get started. I may not hit my goal of 50k (oh responsibilities getting in the way), but it has made me at least get a move on in coming back into the world of Levi, Aura, and my cast of characters. Just like signing up for a race motivates me to get out the door and run, I am hoping NaNoWriMo will motivate me to get as close to a first draft done as I can.

And really, that is the main goal. Are you going to have a polished, pretty, ready for the world book at the end of 30 days? If you are, more power to you, and please drop me a line on how you do it, but for the rest of us "mortal" writers, the first draft is often the hardest, and just getting it down is a huge accomplishment. Something I read the other day that really stuck with me in reading different posts about the month was : You can't edit a blank page. It's true, no matter how terrible something I may have written is, it's better than having nothing down at all. Terrible I can work it, nothing is daunting.

In running there is a phrase "Did not finish is greater than did not start". Even if you are unable to complete the race, you are better off for trying than others that let that doubt keep them from the start line. I don't know where I'll be when December 1st rolls around, but I'm sure no matter what, I'll be trucking along, picking off the chapters and getting closer and closer to my story's finish line.

Good luck to you and all your writing endeavors! Now off to write some of my own!