So I am finally settled in at my new house writing in my new (and wonderfully purple) office. It's amazing to think of how much stuff one person can acquire. It really shows itself when you have to move it all ;)

But now that I am settling back down into a routine I am itching to get back to normalcy. I went for a run the other day for the first time in what felt like forever (it was dangerously close to being forever) and got to ride the other day as well. Now I just have one thing to get back to, writing.

I've been experimenting and trying new forms of social media and I realize how much there is to learn! It makes me feel incredibly old when I heard about new platforms I didn't know existed. Thankfully I have an endlessly patient cousin who refrains from laughing at me when I ask her ridiculous questions. Through my publisher I met a wonderfully helpful fellow soon-to-be-published author named Tonya (you can find her writings over at and she introduced me to figment. You can find my author page there and an excerpt of Four Corners at just keep in mind this is the current edit and will probably change some as it is tweaked through the process.

Figment is an awesome collection of writing, and I find myself torn in even more directions. I have set up my Facebook page for Four Corners, I have a blog, and a Twitter, and I realized today that with all the writing I have been doing lately over all those platforms I am missing something that I should really be doing: actually writing.

Two Worlds sits in piles on my desk and it's at the point now that I try no to directly look at it in the hopes it will edit itself. I need some of Cinderella's mice to come and fill in plot gaps and story lines. This should be much easier than making a dress, so I really don't think it's too much to ask.

But in all seriousness, as with all things in endless attempts at work-life balance, I am now having to add a few more spinning plates to it all, so you may see me a bit more sporadically on all my social media platforms, but do not fear eager reader, it is all for you, darling.