I have found that writing can be equal parts cathartic and soul crushing. There are moments when I feel like my characters are pinging around my brain, begging for me to write the next part of their story, and other times when I feel like they keep hitting the snooze button, resisting any attempt to rouse them to creativity.

I am currently working on the sequel to my tentatively named book Four Corners. I took some time off after finishing FC to edit, shop it around, and basically decompress from the sometimes labor intensive act of writing. I had been writing the sequel in bits and pieces, but the last few weeks have really buckled down to working on it again. I have my whole story outline and a stack of 5x7 cards that threaten to bury me if I don’t address them. I do love this process of getting the first draft completed, seeing the word counts climb (42,806 as of right now!), and basically get the story from my brain on paper. And it is like being back with familiar faces as I revisit some old characters, but man did I forget how utterly exhausting this can be!

While this might sound a little nuts, it’s the best way I can describe my writing process. It feels like the Sims video game, when you are idle too long, your Sim character just kind of bobs along, waiting for you to tell it what to do. I feel like my brain is filled with all these avatars, just standing there wanting to know what’s next. Sometimes they are helpful and I am able to take the story where they want to go (I know, sounds crazy, I get that they aren’t real people, but some times it’s hard to remember). I love these moments where the creative juices flow, but then I also have to remind myself that I have a full time job and can’t stay up until midnight writing and be worth anything in the morning. So I have to hit pause, apologize to everyone and beg for them to just keep it down until I can sit at my computer again. It’s now my turn to step away for a bit, I just hope they are ready for me when I get back. 


Great news! Can't wait to read your sequel.

02/10/2017 7:36pm

It is really hard to write a novel when you also have a part time job. I admire you for pursuing your hobby and being practical at the same time. I've known a lot of people who weren't able to pursue their hobby because they believe that to be practical is the best, I've known some who pursue their hobby because that is what they enjoy without being practical so they sometimes find a hard time to support their everyday life. But you chose both, to do your hobby and be practical at the same time. You are truly admirable.

03/12/2017 6:57am

I'm so happy of your back into writing! Can't wait to see the results ;)

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