Happy national running day! I decided to celebrate by going on a 4 mile run with the folks at Track Shack in Orlando. It was hot and humid, which is to be expected for Florida this time of year, but it was still great getting out. I’ve been slacking on my running and trying to get back in a routine. I had a pretty full racing season this winter/spring and really needed a bit of time off, but with a race coming up in the middle of July, I need to start getting my butt back in gear!

It’s so easy when things are going on in life to let “frills” go by the way side. There are times when running and writing seem like a luxury to me. My days seem so busy at times that I almost feel torn between my “wants” and “haves”. I get that I don’t have to go for a run or write a chapter or two and that I really have to mop my floors, but when the weather is nice and there is a whole day dedicated to it, a little spot cleaning will do.

I feel the same way about writing. I’ll be in the middle of a million things and sometimes it makes sitting at my computer a bit of a chore, but just as I feel amazing after getting a few miles in, I always feel a sense of peace and accomplishment after I’ve sat and written for a little.

There are even times when my running and writing worlds collide, and it can be tricky. My mind tends to wander when I get into my groove and I find Levi, Aura, and all the other characters of my book popping into my head to say hello and give their opinion on where my story should go next. I can spend whole runs thinking about them and I just have to try to keep those thoughts in my head so when I get home I can write them down. Sometimes it works, but more often than not the thought slips out of my head just as suddenly as it came in and I am left slightly frustrated and hoping that it will comeback to me next time I sit to write. Maybe I should start running with my phone more so I can at least dictate my brilliant (well, they are least seem brilliant when I am trying to recollect them) thoughts, but maybe that is what makes them so sweet. They are fleeting and maybe some of them are meant just for me, little secrets my characters whisper that aren’t for the rest of the world. But at least when I get home, I can feel my muscles warm with happy exhaustion and my brain buzzing with anticipation, and I feel the gentle tug to write.

Ok maybe my floors can go without spot cleaning too…



09/24/2016 12:34pm

There is something exquisite about the pain of a workout. The burn trembling through the runner's legs, the pat of feet against the ground. Alone, it is brutal and self-motivated. The toughest athletes forge their own paths on late-night tracks, hidden hills, and winding, rutted trails. As glorious as that sounds, it sucks. A lot. The team workout sucks almost as much, but there is the bond, the sweaty clasped hand at the top of the hill, a clap on the back at the end of a ladder.

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