After years being a chronic renter and mover (in the last 10 years I've lived in 10 different places, not fun especially since I am one who hates moving and change), I am finally a home owner :) It is a strange feeling walking into a house and having it be “yours”. It hasn't really hit yet, probably because I've been spending most of my time cursing while removing wallpaper and cleaning carpets, but I think it will really sink in once we are officially moved in next week.

The house has also been taking up a lot of my time, which I think I've established (see past blogs) is basically non-existent. So really that means that I haven’t been running or writing much lately. I've also taken on some volunteer tasks with the Florida Writers Association, so all in all, I've been spreading myself a little thinner than normal. I can't wait to finally be moved so at least that will be one less thing to have to worry about.

I've also moved up a bit in the world, as I am writing this on my brand spanking new computer. After agonizing for much longer than one should have to agonize over purchasing a new computer (see above, the fact that I hate change), I finally bite the bullet and got a new desktop. My old one was over 8 years old and I'm pretty sure computer years are measured similar to dog years. While it worked perfectly as a word processor, if I happened to ask it to do two things at once, it basically threatened to explode (some days I sympathize). It was becoming increasingly difficult to write any more as I use the internet quite frequently to research and also to simply update the various social media's I am on.

So here I am, acting like almost a full-fledged grown up; buying things I need to further myself and trying to let go of those new-territory reservations I find difficult to shed.

This new computer is also really make me want to write more, which is awesome, though I hope the motivation will stay til next week when I have a bit more time. Which frankly I am kidding myself, as I know that something else will come up that will fight for my time as well. Maybe I need to work on saying no seeing as the whole making-more-hours-in-a-day experiment has so far yielded negative results.

But if there is one thing anyone has ever moved to a new place know to say yes to, is shopping, new computers and all. Almost makes it worth the change ;)



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08/17/2016 12:17am

If you really want to write more - you should do that ;)

I think this is interesting to be a mover when you are young and full of power and impressions. Like it!

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