So not really sure if editor's block is a thing, but I am making it if it's not. I've heard and experienced the frustration of writer's block before, but I naively thought that as long as I could get words down on paper (or screen) the hard part would be over.

I made the now embarrassing proclamation to my previous beta readers to be ready for a rough draft any day now and to see if their schedules were clear. They all enthusiastically agreed and were eager to get some pages to read.

That was two months ago.

OK, I could make a few excuses. My first round of edits came back for Four Corners, so that took me out of commission for about a little bit. Then I decided to give NaNoWriMo a shot and start book three, I think I wrote for about 14 collective days, so to be generous to myself that knocks a month off, that still puts me a month behind my own goal.

So what is my problem? I've read through the draft a number of times and highlighted the areas that need a bit of work or where I want to include a few characters in some scenes, nothing overly complicated, but then I look at my five 3x5 cards with notes on them and I freeze. It seems like an impossible task. I keep trying to break it into small pieces, but the other loom over me, making it next to impossible to focus.

I've had my word doc opened for an hour. I only succeeded in scrolling to page four, the first that needs attention, out of a total of 254 pages. Only 250 to go? (trying to stay positive over here...)
But I guess with so many things, the only way out is through.

Here I go, wish me luck, and feel free to give suggestions if you've ever struggled with The Dread of editing.



01/09/2015 6:12pm

I totally relate! This happened to me too! I've tried not to look at my ms while my beta readers have it so when I get their comments back I can go into my second round with fresh eyes and eagerness. I've found myself now chomping at the bit to get back to it so I think it's been helpful. It's an old trick i was taught when i ran cross country, we didn't run at all for a couple days before the meet so by the time we got to the race we would be raring to go. It was very effective!

01/13/2015 5:51am

Thanks for that! It's hard to keep in mind that these are drafts and while I don't want to pass along a hit mess, I'd never give up a copy if I waiting till perfection. Thanks for the reminder to put a little distance for a fresh perspective!

07/16/2015 2:20am

This is a humorous post whilst I agree that not only writers experience ‘block’ but editors as well. Editing and writing and any creative type of work can relate to this issue. Having a block is close to the feeling of not doing the editing task even if you have to conscientiously do it, especially if you have deadlines. It’s impossible to avoid though. The key is to let the piece sit for a little while, then read it after gaining a fresh perspective.

08/06/2015 10:28am

Great advice! Yes, sometimes what we think is the hard work (writing) ends up being the easy part ;)

12/19/2016 7:28am

Do you ever order an editing service for your book? Or Publishing office do it for you?

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