So I had all the intention in the world on January 1st of writing a profound New Year email...and now it is suddenly the middle of February. Does that count as failing some as-of-yet-named resolution?

I've resigned myself to the knowledge that things will never slow down, so I just need to learn to deal, adapt, and roll with the punches (something very difficult for a Type-A like me!). My writing has unfortunately taking a bit of a back seat, though I did write a little short story for a FWA contest (free entry for members, check it out!, but I have set a goal for myself to finally finish my self-edits on the sequel to Four Corners and get it to my Beta readers. I could edit forever, but as some point I really need to just let someone else read it. Plus with FC coming out in the next few months, I don't want to have a huge lag time between books if I can help it.

I also just got back from participating in my first Ragnar Relay. I was part of a team of 12 who ran from Miami to the Keys. It was an amazing (and tiring!) experience. The beauty of running through the mangroves at night with only the small light of a head lamp and the stars to guide you, the sound of the water lapping all around, was worth the entire trip, sore muscles and all. I've been battling some running set-back lately and it was nice to have a reminder that it really is something that I love. I wrote up myself a training plan and now am full steam ahead for training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC with my sister. The cooler FL weather certainly doesn't hurt my motivation either ;)

So while this is coming a little late, Happy New Year! May 2015 bring each of you closer to your dreams and happiness as each day passes, and may you be able to release any pain or stress into the past. I think I will make this my resolution as well :)


09/09/2015 6:26am

If we have sound educational system in our country we can create awareness among children of just not cram your course but also know the real meaning behind it and understand why things are being like this. Cramming is an evil prevailing in our society and making our children useless and they are not using their senses.

12/19/2016 7:27am

Yeap, time is passing by so fast and I just want to have a 48 hour in a day. This is my dream)

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