Dear Author-of-Series-That-I-Love,

I write this letter to you today to apologize.
I am sorry for all the times I finished reading your book and cursed you, sometimes loudly, especially if it ended in a cliff-hanger. I am sorry for thinking that I cared more about that character you killed off than you did. I didn't mean to belittle your feelings or in any way imply that you, too, didn't care about so-and-so. I was upset and forgot to think that maybe you were too.
I'm sorry for implying that you are making me wait a year to read your next book out of pure wish of torture and not because of the long process it takes to edit a book (that is, if you've even written it yet).
I'm sorry for having a picture of you in my head, gallivanting around to packed book houses only having to pry your hands from your fans under apologies of "I really must get back to writing". 
Sorry for thinking that the promotional portion of a book release isn't completely all-consuming and exhausting and that sometime maybe you just don't want to think about the fact that you have to write another book, and possibly have no idea what it is really going to be about.
Silly me thought that you could just sit down at a computer, pop out a great book, have the publishing house love it and print it as-is in two months flat.
I don't know what I was thinking.
But I offer this apology to all the authors out there who are in the middle of writing books that I am desperate to find out what happens. I see now how dang hard it is. I understand the pressure of deadlines and making sure that not only is the book written fast, but it's written well. Because the only thing worse than having to wait for a book, is having to wait a long time and having it be a bad book.
From here on out, I will try to limit my yelling at you, that is, unless you kill my favorite character in  a cliffhanger.
Then you may have some explaining to do.

Your loyal, yet sometimes disgruntled, fan



07/29/2015 2:32am

Hey, thanks for this post! This nagged me a bit. I now feel embarrassed about all my complaints and dissatisfied statements. Yes, it's actually not easy to write a book. Harder especially when the writer just wants to bend over backwards So, the lesson I got here is to complain less and appreciate more. Thanks for the different perspective!

08/06/2015 10:24am

Thanks for the comment! Yes, hard to think about it from the other side sometimes!

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07/24/2016 3:57am

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07/25/2016 1:29am

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12/19/2016 7:21am

This is a normal situation when readers expect it to be something in the end. Or neverending series.

01/14/2017 11:54am

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03/05/2017 1:28pm


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