2016 is off and running!
I received exciting news that the Barnes & Noble in my hometown outside of Philly was going to start carrying Four Corners! Even more amazing, they sold out and had to order more books. I am planning on attending an author event there in July and look forward to meeting new readers.
I've done a few school talks and have really enjoyed speaking with students about the importance of language skills and speaking up when you need help. I struggled a lot with reading as a kid, so I feel like it's really important to admit when you need a little extra guidance with a subject. There is no need to struggle and feel dumb and defeated, it's so important to seek out those that can raise you up no matter what your obstacle can be.
I've also gotten back into the thick of things with edits. I did my first read-through of One Earth, and while I do have my work cut out for me, I have to admit I'm really happy with how the story turned out. NaNo was so frantic trying to hit word counts each day, I was worried that none of them would be usable, but I'm glad to say that's not the case. I typically write lean my first go around, and this time was no different. I have a good chunk to add, but I'm optimistic that I can keep on my March deadline for giving an early draft to my fab beta readers.
Outside of the world of Esotera, I am working on some new projects. One is an adult mystery and the other will probably end up being a middle grade novel. I don't want to give too much away (I'm just in my planning stages now), but I'm really looking forward to writing it!
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Until next time, happy reading :)



10/13/2016 10:27pm

Now, 2016 is almost over. I think you've gone through a lot within the year. It looks like you've achieved your success and that's good. I'd congratulate you for that. Please keep on writing more and more. Don't give up on your passion. The Four Corners trilogy looked interesting to me. I would like to read it in the future. Gonna add this one in my "books to read" list.

10/21/2016 4:51am

Good to know that you are enjoying so far the things that are happening in your life this current year. I hope I feel the same way as what you are feeling right now. I am really stressed out with all the things that are coming my way. Nevertheless, even though I don't have any idea how I would do it, I will still try to overcome these things. Well, whether I like it or not, I still have to do it anyway.

12/19/2016 7:13am

2016 was awful I must say. So many conflicts and this unpredictable election. What would 2017 brings us?

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